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Give Ukrainian children summer at the camp

Tens of thousands of Ukrainian children have been forced to flee their homes due to the Russian invasion. These children are refugees, and now they live in foreign cities and villages of Ukraine and do not have access to education and leisure activities. We are opening a summer children's camp with creative activities and psychological assistance for 300 IDP children. We invite you to help and pay for the summer camp for refugee children. 

The planned amount of refugee children who will go to the camp

300 children

Funds have already been raised for

100 children

About the camp

 A summer camp for IDP children will be organized in the village of Semipolky in the Kyiv region. It is an ecological place with clean air and a large area. The summer camp for IDP children is organized by two public organizations: the NGO "Headquarter" and the NGO "7fields".

The summer camp will take place during 6 sessions

1st session - 06.06 - 17.06
2nd session - 20.06 - 01.07
3rd session - 04.07 - 15.07
4th session - 18.07 - 29.07
5th session - 1.08 - 12.08
6th session - 15.08 - 26.08

Meals in the camp

The camp offers children 6 meals a day, which will provide the child with energy and necessary vitamins for the whole day.


    Second breakfast





Camp Location

The village of Semipolky is a safe part of Kyiv region with ecologically clean air and a large area of 1 hectare for children. There are children's playgrounds, a swimming pool, a basketball court, a tennis court, a mini-football field, a yoga sphere, a rope park and big street chess.

In our summer camp children will feel comfortable and safe 6 meals a day clean water from your own well wooden house made of natural logs

Children's leisure in the camp

Every day of the child in the summer camp will be exciting and full of active games, developing lessons and activities aimed at developing logical thinking and creative skills.

Delicious mini bar with healthy sweets. A huge children's recreation area with its own mini climbing wall, exciting quests, chalk drawing contests, weekly talent shows, interesting flash mobs, bike rides, evening singing by the fire, a cinema under a reed dome and the starry sky with a professional telescope will leave unbelievable memories camp.

We guarantee the health, unique emotions and new knowledge that our children need so much now. And most importantly,
we will make sure that children feel safe!

List of activities for children

● Handmade from improvised materials● Vocals and playing musical instruments● Engineering using interesting experiments● Lessons with logical thinking● Playing street chess● Quests in the fresh air● Evening gatherings by the fire● Financial literacy, where we learn to manage the budget and be economical● Watch movies and cartoons at your home theater● Large range of board games● English using game forms of learning● Lectures and master classes on anti-corruption for older children


How to support the project?


Step 1

Donate for the stay of 1 or more children in the camp.The cost for one child for 1 session (12 days) - 315 euros.


Step 2

Immediately after payment, please be sure to fill out the form with your contact details so that we can contact you and tell you which child is going to camp thanks to you. You will find the form to fill out below


Step 3

Receive a letter with information about the child you paid for the summer, the start date of the session.


Step 4

Subscribe to our page and watch the children spend time in the camp.

Want to help?

We invite you to become a sponsor of the summer of Ukrainian children!You can donate by Payment details:

When transferring funds, please indicate the following information in the purpose of payment:“Name, last name. Donation for a children's camp”

EUR: UA103510050000026005879144384UKRSIBBANK,ANDRIIVSKA STREET 2/12, KYIV, UKRAINE, SWIFT: KHABUA2K, Intermediary bank BNP PARIBAS SA, Paris, FRANCE, SWIFT-код: BNPAFRPPName, last name. Donation for a children's camp

USD: UA893510050000026006879144383Name, last name. Donation for a children's camp

UAH: UA093510050000026000879144378Bank: JSC UKRSIBBANKMFI: 351005Name, last name. Donation for a children's camp

You can also use the convenient service of international transfers PaySendTo do this, you need to take the following steps:
To do this, you need to take the following steps: 1) Follow the link - https://paysend.com/en-ua2) Choose the currency of the sender and the currency of the recipient (recipient as Ukraine - UAH)3) Specify the amount of the transfer 4) Next, you need to register (indicate your phone number, name, address and e-mail) 5) When you receive your account - click click button "send money" (this action is not final, so it will not take money from your card)6) Next you need to select the recipient's country again (Ukraine) 7) Choose the method of payment - on the card 8) Enter the following details: card number - 4149499991912955Last name - VolzhynaFirst name - Oxana9) Select the amount, currency of the sender and recipient again10) Choose the type of transfer convenient for you11) Finish the money transfer
After payment, please be sure to fill out the form with your contact details so that we can contact you and tell you which child is going to camp thanks to you. All patrons will receive thanks and drawings from children.


On this page, you will find answers to the most popular questions

  • What children will take part in the camp?

    We cooperate with the government that keeps records of displaced children. Children who were evacuated from the occupied or dangerous regions of Ukraine (East, South of Ukraine) will go to the camp. These children are officially registered as internally displaced persons. A legal agreement on the consent to stay in the camp will be signed with the children's parents.

  • How do I know where the money went?

    You need to fill out the the form above and provide your details there. Each of the benefactors will receive information on which child is paid to stay in the camp at his or her expense. All patrons will receive thanks and drawings from children.

  • Can I see how the summer camp goes?

    Of course, subscribe to our page and watch the children spend time in the camp

About The Project

The project is organized in partnership with two public organizations: NGO "Headquarter" and NGO "7fields". Our partners with 7fields have been organizing children's summer camps for 6 years, specializing in this as an NGO. They have a lot of positive feedback from parents whose children have participated in these camps. This year it was decided to organize a camp with a social mission, so it will be free for parents (funded by donors and patrons). In 2022, we open our doors to IDP children from the regions most affected by the war. 

The organization of children's camps and leisure is not a target activity for the NGO "Headquarter". With the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we have identified several areas of work that have become a priority for us and meet the challenges of society.


Contacts of the NGO "Headquarter"

Yulia Grechka

Executive Director of the NGO "Headquarter" +380 93 254 1904




Contacts of the NGO "7Fields"

Alina Kozhukhivska

Administrator of the NGO "7Fields" +380 93 594 0277






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